Review: The Little Book by Selden Edwards

Today in January Magazine’s fiction section, Tony Buchsbaum reviews The Little Book by Selden Edwards. Says Buchsbaum:

It all started with Hitler. Or maybe Kafka. Or maybe both. Though not at the same time.

It was 1975, and young Selden Edwards was in graduate school. He had an idea about a contemporary guy — a rock and roll star and a former baseball hero — who wakes up one morning in Vienna. No explanations, he just wakes up there. In 1897. And the guy realizes early on that at this time, Hitler’s just a kid — so if he can bring himself to kill the kid, the history of the world will change. Lives will be saved. Everyone will be saved.

Well, not everyone. What about the kids who would never be born — kids whose parents would meet because there was a war? Because there was a Hitler?

And suddenly, Edwards had a central conflict — and the core of a novel.

The full review is here.

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