Peer Pressure Forces Facebook Change

So our collective tongues are only half in our cheeks when we tell you that we’ve given in to peer pressure and are abandoning our sweet and much-loved Facebook group page for a newer and cooler and slicker fan page on the social media site.

So all right, we kind of go kicking and screaming, but we do go. We’ve been convinced that, despite the dorky name (“fan” page?) it’s a better social media medium for creating a more direct connection with our Facebook friends… er… fans.

In any case, if you’re on Facebook, do join us. We’re told it’s going to be dead cool.

Right now, it’s just baby steps, but it’s right here so please do… um… fan us. And while we’re on the topic of social media, we’ve had a strong presence on Twitter for about a year and tweet not only all of our stories, but a lot of other fun book-related stuff we see in our travels. You can follow us on Twitter here. But the Facebook thing? That’s key. And it’s here.

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