Parents Stress Importance of Libraries

The library at Melk Abbey in Austria.

From the “You honestly thought we needed a study to tell us this?” department comes a real gem: According to Pew Research the “vast majority of parents of minor children — children younger than 18 — feel libraries are very important for their children.” Here’s what Pew determined:

The importance parents assign to reading and access to knowledge shapes their enthusiasm for libraries and their programs:

  • 94% of parents say libraries are important for their children and 79% describe libraries as “very important.” That is especially true of parents of young children (those under 6), some 84% of whom describe libraries as very important.
  • 84% of these parents who say libraries are important say a major reason they want their children to have access to libraries is that libraries help inculcate their children’s love of reading and books.
  • 81% say a major reason libraries are important is that libraries provide their children with information and resources not available at home.
  • 71% also say a major reason libraries are important is that libraries are a safe place for children.
  • Almost every parent (97%) says it is important for libraries to offer programs and classes for children and teens.

More rocket science from Pew: parents are more likely to use library services than other adults. Also, mother are more likely to use library services than fathers. As well, lower income parents stress the importance of library services more than those who are affluent.

Though booklovers will find absolutely no surprises anywhere here, in this instance, it’s terrific to be able to say “toldja so!”

You can find links to the report and the assessments here.

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