Original Fiction at The Rap Sheet

While neither January Magazine or The Rap Sheet generally run original fiction, today January’s crime fiction-focused sister publication does just that. As Rap Sheet editor J. Kingston Pierce says:

We have a real treat for you today. To coincide with the debut of Loss, Australia-born Scottish author Tony Black’s third novel featuring Edinburgh newspaper reporter-turned-part-time private eye Gus Dury, The Rap Sheet is hosting Black’s never-before-published Dury short story, “Last Orders.” Like his first two novels, 2008’s Paying for It and last year’s Gutted (just released in paperback in the UK), “Last Orders” is a tough little yarn packed with characters not wholly good or altogether predictable, and a spare writing style that serves the plot well.

You can read Tony Black’s “Last Orders” here.

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  1. *help*

    Since last month, whenever I've linked to the Rap Sheet, the site comes on, but within seconds I get the hourglass icon and "not responding". This is not happening on January Magazine itself, or on any thing else I've linked to from here, just The Rap Sheet.

    The ITs here can't explain it.

    Was it something I said?


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