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The Future of Public Transportation examines the transformations coming this decade to cities and the public transportation systems that serve them. It aims to allow readers to become more informed and ready for these changes.

Author Paul Comfort calls himself, a transit evangelist. This is not only based on his years of transit experience, including his role as CEO of the Maryland MTA, but also on the numerous interviews he made with transit CEOs as part of the Transit Unplugged podcast series and observations he made at many systems he visited. Paul has contributed a great deal of his knowledge and experience to this work, but equally beneficial is his ability to incorporate the expertise of industry colleagues to provide a balanced and comprehensive treatment of the transit issues of today.

Paul Comfort is host of the top public transportation CEO podcast, Transit Unplugged and author of the leadership book, Full Throttle. Comfort is a popular conference speaker and author of numerous industry magazine articles and blog posts on transit and leadership. His work across North America, Europe and Australia positions him as one of the public transportation industry’s leading ambassadors.

Comfort is longtime industry veteran and the former CEO of one of America’s top transit systems, the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) in Baltimore. While there, he oversaw the development of the nation’s largest P3 Project, the $5+ billion Light Rail Purple Line near Washington DC and opened the only FM radio station in the USA operated by a transit agency: FM 93.5 FM WTTZ . He has served as an elected County Commissioner and County Administrator for two Maryland counties and is a recipient of the transportation industry’s highest individual honor: The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials’ (AASHTO) Presidents Award. ◊

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