Non-Fiction: Schizophrenia: The Last Taboo by David Stewart

Schizophrenia: The Last Taboo (Michael Terence) is David Stewart’s biography. It’s presented as a “Walter Mitty meets science fiction” type story, aimed at giving the reader an insight into schizophrenia, the effects it has and how the symptoms can appear many years before a diagnosis. Delusions can be a giveaway, hence the Walter Mitty reference.

Most people think of schizophrenia as people with multiple personalities and a propensity to ax murder. This is very rare, most schizophrenics are terrified of the world around them and would not hurt a fly.

Schizophrenic delusions come in a number of forms: paranoid delusions, conspiracy delusions, memory delusions, people delusions and creative delusions. All these have been evident in the author’s life in very complex ways.

Some of what the author believed to be true, in the cold hard light of day, is in fact fantasy or episodic delusions.

Some of the stories are the author’s fond memories; others are recollections of his hell.

It is left to the reader, to decide for themselves what was true and what was not. Remembering that sometimes the truth can be more unbelievable than fiction. ◊

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