Mark Hecht

Revealing the Invisible: Coaching the People You Lead to Discover, Learn, and Grow by Mark Hecht shares 30 days of reflections from Hecht’s 30 years of global coaching experience.

“Coaching is an investment in others based on the commitment to see them through success and failure, the highs and the lows,” says Hecht.

Hecht is a leadership coach and workshop facilitator with three decades of service in the chemical industry. His experiences span multiple cultures and locations in over 20 countries across Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Hecht feels that his global exposure brings an insightful perspective of cultural diversity to his coaching and workshop experiences. As a coach, Hecht is recognized for his ability to connect with leaders, investing in their journey to excellence, while also encouraging focus on personal and professional purpose. His coaching workshops focus on the leader’s ability to connect with people and create coaching conversations that matter. For those starting a leadership role or leading at the senior leadership level, Mark feels he can help people learn to draw upon their own unique talents in order to improve leadership and personal effectiveness.

Since 1981 Mark and his wife Bonnie have lived in East Tennessee, where they raised five children. Today they find tremendous blessings in seeing their children live their lives, whether through the addition of grandchildren, new careers, or new places they call home.

In 2016, with 25 years of global coaching stamped in his passport, Hecht retired from Eastman Chemical Company and started Coaching Horizons to continue investing in the excellence of leaders. In 2019 he partnered with The Summit Companies in Bristol, TN as a leadership coach to focus on opportunities with local businesses and nonprofits. The Summit Center for Professional Growth was started in 2019 to provide leaders in the local area practical and valuable leadership skills. In addition to his global journeys, Mark has served on the board of Providence Academy, a local Classical Christian School, for 15 years. ◊

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