Non-Fiction: Green Living Guidebook by Morgan Seymour

Green Living Guidebook by Morgan Seymour calmly sets out to greenify your everyday, taking a rational look at all of the rooms in your house and making recommendations about how you can be — and do — better. As Seymour says in the Introduction, “When it comes to the earth’s ecological issues, the most asked questions are: what to do, where to start, and how to make a difference.” That’s the question. The answer, of course, is multifaceted, but part of it is right here.

This is not hyperbole or excited arm waving or guilt making. After all, says Seymour, “Going green does not mean giving up what you enjoy, it just means being smarter about their uses and being aware of the effects that your actions are having on the environment.” It’s more about changing your mind, Seymour, says. Or at least, changing your mindset and finding the little ways you can alter how you do things for the greatest environmental impact.

Each chapter tackles a different subject. Saving energy in your home. The idea of “pre-cycling” and reusing things in your home. How to recycle the right way. How to go more green in the kitchen. And so on, examining every possible aspect where there may be room for improvement and discussing it in simple terms, as well as the deeper implications, when applicable.

A lot of books are starting this conversation right now. This is one of the good ones. ◊

You can order Green Living Guidebook here.

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