Non-Fiction: Five Alive by Jane Mudgett

Five Alive by Jane Mudgett

Five Alive by Jane Mudgett reveals the five critical elements of incremental change needed to live a life of happiness and success.

“Change is woven into the fabric of our heart,” says Mudgett. “Our relationships are dynamic, our bodies may morph, our material needs fluctuate, and our curiosity and interests expand and contract. Making improvements in all Five Alive areas has led to greater successes.”

Mudgett says she takes living seriously: sort of. She has a love and zest for travel and has visited all of the United States and all seven continents. Her favorite place is always her last trip. As a 15-plus year cancer survivor, her key values are having new experiences and living life to the fullest.

The author is a deeply experienced leader, coach and trainer. She’s a Partner at Exceptional Leaders Lab. Over the last 30 years, Mudgett has facilitated leadership training in the automotive, energy, and financial industries. She is an active community volunteer and regularly presents programs on health and wellness, estate planning, empowering women, financial management and leadership. Her personal motto is that, “It’s better to have 10 new experiences, than the same experience 10 times.” ◊

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