Non-Fiction: 5 Easy Steps to Homeschooling by Heather D. Nelson


With COVID-19 at the edge of everyone’s awareness, a rising tide of health and safety concerns have pushed many families to choose home education for the next school year. In their rush to prepare, many have questions on how to begin and where to find information. Heather D. Nelson’s 5 Easy Steps to Homeschooling is meant to bring answers in simple and easy-to-understand, terms. Topics covered include socialization, curriculum selection and home education for special needs as well as resources to help navigate individual U.S. state legal mandates, and tips for creating local connections to make the homeschool journey successful.

“Homeschooling is a natural extension of parenting,” enthuses the author. “With a little preparation, any parent can make their first year a great one!”

Nelson says her aim is to pull back the “veil of mystery on homeschooling” and encourage new parents coming to homeschooling for the first time. She includes material on the history of homeschooling, it’s potential, and the actionable steps parents can take to make a new path for their child’s education. ◊

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