Minnesotan Bill Holm Passes Away at 65

Minnesota poet and author Bill Holm, the “Polar Bear of American Literature,” and the author of The Heart Can Be Filled Anywhere On Earth, died Wednesday. From the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

He was larger than life, a man of letters, a man of the prairie, a man of the world. Poet and essayist Bill Holm collapsed Tuesday after getting off a plane in Sioux Falls, S.D., and died Wednesday night of complications from pneumonia. He was 65.

Six-and-a-half-feet tall and bearded, with a passion for justice, and a booming, generous personality, Holm was the author of “Coming Home Crazy,” “Boxelder Bug Variations,” and, perhaps his most beloved book, “The Heart Can Be Filled Anywhere On Earth,” his homage to his hometown of Minneota, in western Minnesota near Marshall.

The full story is here. Holm’s Web site is here.

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