Lost Property Office  Heads for Big Screen

61pd3lzxzxl-_sx391_bo1204203200_-1The Lost Property Office (Simon & Schuster) by James R. Hannibal (Pirates: The Midnight Passage, Shadow Catcher) was one of the most hotly anticipated children’s novels of 2016. How hotly anticipated? Columbia Pictures has just acquired the film rights by preempt. From Deadline Hollywood:

It is one part Harry Potter, with some Dr. Who thrown in. A 13-year old teen named Jack Buckles, who is uncanny at locating missing things, tests his mettle and searches for his father, who disappeared one day in London without a trace. He ultimately uncovers that the old man wasn’t who he claimed to be. He was a member of The “Lost Property Office” — a secret magical society of gifted detective “Trackers,” who’ve served the Crown for centuries. Jack’s own membership is his inheritance. He will uncover the great mysteries of London and calamities to come as he tries to bring his father home.

The full story is here.

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