Library Hunks Remove Clothes for a Cause

What’s hotter than a dozen librarians taking off their clothes for fun and fundraising? As even a peek at Men of the Stacks, indicates, really not too much. How did this happen? Well it’s our fault, really: all of us. We made the mistake of not realizing that librarians could be smart, helpful, nice and look good naked. From the Men of the Stacks web site:

There is an entire population of professional librarians out there who disagree with the way the library profession is perceived in contemporary media outlets and in the historical consciousness of the American mind. Different people and different associations will use different means to try to change those perceptions. This is ours.

Point taken. (And it’s a point that Zack, Mr. January at left over there, makes pretty well on his own.) But it also raises the question:
just who are these half-naked hunks?

We are, or course, professionals. We are educators, programmers, project managers, entrepreneurs, program coordinators, contractors, consultants, and speakers. We are academics. We are authors, diversity officers, historians, administrators, deans, professors, and researchers. We are creatives. We are musicians, bakers, painters, and storytellers. We are athletes, yogis, gym-rats, runners, and hikers. We are passionate. We are dog-lovers, radicals, conservatives, Christians, and Buddhists. We are in our twenties. We are in our forties. We are in relationships. We are perpetual bachelors. We are privileged beings who try to use their advantages to better the lives of others.

Who are we? We are The Men of the Stacks.

Proceeds from sales of the calendar are being donated to the It Gets Better Project, a worthwhile initiative to help young people that you can read more about here.

* Hat tip to Diane K. Kovacs for bringing this story to our attention.

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  1. Very nice write up. Thank you. I'm glad to see you read the site and understood the purpose: rattle the public's perception of librarians and serve a greater good at the same time. Cheers.

  2. Well, I wear glasses because I'm too lazy to fiddle with my contacts and I used to have my hair in a bun in summer. Then I cut it. 🙂 Sounds like a nice calendar, where can we get it?

    Oh – and there is – or was -an on-line bellydancing librarians list (I used to, till my teacher moved a long way off)

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