Ice Cream Flavored Like… Books?

What would make more sense than ice cream flavors inspired by books? Well, quite a lot actually, but that wouldn’t make much of a story! And this one is more fun. From the Quirk Books web site:

It’s National Ice Cream Month! It’s also July, and it’s also very, very hot. And while we love all the regular kinds of ice cream just fine (you can pry Chubby Hubby from our still-warm, heatstroke-dead hands), we wondered what would happen if worlds collided and books became ice cream (not literally, though, because that would be gross). Get your hybrid freezer/bookshelves ready, because here are six tasty samples!

Sadly, these seem to be fictional flavors, not real ones. Still, a fun daydream for a sultry late July day.

See all of the flavors here.

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