Greystone Books Will Close International Offices for Climate Strike

As millions of people around the world prepare to walk out of their homes and schools for the Global Climate Strike September 20 to 27, Greystone Books, a leading publisher of award-winning non-fiction books about nature and the environment, social issues, science, and wellbeing, will close its offices in the four countries they have a presence on Friday, September 27 in solidarity with young climate strikers around the world. The Vancouver office will march as a company in the Global Climate Strike in Vancouver, Canada.

Greystone has released significant, critically-acclaimed books on climate change including Slick Water by Andrew Nikiforuk and Climate Cover-Up by James Hoggan. They are also the publisher of highly respected environmental activist, David Suzuki, and partner with the David Suzuki Institute to produce books on climate issues.

“We are moved by the action of young people from various parts of the world whose voices have become the light leading the way,” said Rob Sanders, Publisher of Greystone Books. “We at Greystone Books support the publication and dissemination of legitimate scientific information about the planet, including the important field of climate change. Many of the authors we support and publish are committing their careers and lives to the issue of climate change, and we will support their passion and commitment.”

Greystone art director, Nayeli Jimenez, also joins the Global Climate Strike in her capacity as organizer for 350Vancouver and Our Time, two prominent climate justice organizations. Recently, Jimenez spoke about her activism work and the need for climate action in Canada and beyond with media outlets such as Teen Vogue, Vice,

 CBC Radio, and the Toronto Star. “I am so excited that Greystone will be joining what will be one of the biggest climate actions in history,” said Jimenez. “As we close the office on September 27, the team will set an auto-responder stating why are we supporting the strike and the importance of this moment in our world.”

Greystone Books will join hundreds of companies around the world who are stopping work to focus attention on the climate crisis including Patagonia, Nature’s Path Foods, and Kickstarter. Greystone encourages additional local companies to pledge their support via the Strike’s Vancouver Facebook event and/or by attending the march on Friday, September 27 at 1pm at Vancouver’s City Hall.

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