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Assessments of “great” and “awful” are subjective. The films I love you may well loathe, that’s a given. Even so, Looper rushes right in to compile a list of “Great Books That Were Turned Into Awful Movies.” You won’t agree with the inclusions on all of these: some weren’t great books. And were all the movies listed here “awful”? We don’t think so.

The Hobbit was certainly a great book. But calling the three films adapted from it “awful” might be a stretch. Looper tries, though:

The most common criticism of book-to-film adaptations is the omission of what devoted readers consider to be essential characters or plot elements. The three films adapted from The Hobbit, however, actually hew closely to the source material, so the problems with them lie more in their bloated excesses rather than what’s been left out.

And I doubt you’d get many of <i>our</i> readers describing Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code as a great book. Even so, as far as film adaptations go, the 2006 film starring Tom Hanks wasn’t terrible. Except according to Looper, who says that “somehow, what was a page-turning thriller (admitted even by the novel’s most ardent critics in terms of historical accuracy) was adapted into a film that collapsed under the weight of its exposition.”

Whether or not you agree with Looper’s assessment, this is a fun piece, and it’s here.

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