Fiction: The Year of Living Philosophically by Robert Grossmith

Can philosophy save the love life of terminally single dictionary editor? Will it help him win the heart of drop-dead gorgeous colleague Sophie, who’s already in a relationship with mysteriously wealthy Dom?

From Hedonist and Stoic to Existentialist and Postmodernist, Dave sets about finding out. Written in diary form, The Year of Living Philosophically (Michael Terence) tackles the big philosophical questions with a light playful touch. Dave’s cultural lodestars are not Hume, Kant and Nietzsche but The Simpsons, Monty Python and Morrissey.

Author Robert Grossmith is based near Norwich, UK. His short stories have appeared in The Time Out Book of London Short Stories, The Best of Best Short Stories and The Penguin Book of First World War Stories. He is also the author of a novel about lucid dreaming, The Empire of Lights (Hamish Hamilton). He has a BA in Philosophy and Psychology and a PhD. on Vladimir Nabokov and worked for many years as a bilingual dictionary editor. ◊

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