Fiction: Look Back to Yesterday Tara Lynn Marta

Look Back to Yesterday

In Look Back to Yesterday by Tara Lynn Marta we meet 30-something year old woman Rebecca. She is looking for yesterday. Alone after the death of her father and break up with her live-in boyfriend John, Rebecca clings to memories of her childhood in Brooklyn.

Before losing her mother when she was nine, her world seemed safe and secure. With that reflection, Rebecca decides to return to Brooklyn after 25 years. She falls asleep on the subway and wakes to find herself in 1980, where she comes into contact with not only her parents and family, but her childhood self. In an attempt to alter the past and save her mother from an untimely death, Rebecca learns that the only person she can save is herself.

Marta was born in Brooklyn, New York and moved to Pennsylvania when she was a child. She holds a B.A. in English and an M.A. in Creative Writing. In 2017, she was a freelance blogger for The American Writer’s Museum and a book reviewer for At the Inkwell. Although she has enjoyed success as a fiction writer, she also dabbles in nonfiction and has had several pieces published both online and in print. Most recently, Tara’s essay “The Dream Lives On” was published by Blind Faith Books in the anthology I Am Strength: True Stories of Everyday Superwomen. ◊

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