Fiction: How the Deer Moon Hungers by Susan Wingate


Writing How the Deer Moon Hungers was a labor of love and is a great coming of age story that I hope readers will enjoy from the first page to the last.”

— Susan Wingate

How the Deer Moon Hungers is a coming of age novel in which the hidden horrors of juvenile detention facilities are exposed through the journey of Mackenzie Fraser.

Mackenzie knows that her parents aren’t getting back together. Despite her attempts to shelter her seven-year-old sister, Tessa, from the truth, she cannot protect her from brutal realities. Then, on a trip into town, a drunk driver crashes into Tessa, killing her.

Because Mackenzie had marijuana in her possession when Tessa died, she is sentenced to 18 months in a juvenile detention center for intent to distribute. In detention, Mackenzie experiences violence and sexual abuse, both from other girls and from staff members. Over the course of her sentence, she considers her relationships with her parents, her friend Gemma, and others affected by Tessa’s death.

Author Susan Wingate is a #1 Amazon bestselling award-winning author of over 15 novels. Susan writes across fiction often setting her stories in the Pacific Northwest where lives in Washington State with her husband, Bob. ◊

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