Don’t Read This

In a world where it sometimes seems that everyone is trying to tell you what to read, it’s strikingly refreshing to have someone tell you about books to avoid. That’s just what comedian and late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon has been doing during a periodic segment Fallon calls his “Do Not Read List.”

“Every book I’m about to show you is real,” Fallon said as he started out the March 18th segment. “These are actual books.” And the reassurance is necessary because, at least in some cases, the truth is stranger than a whole lot of fiction.

This time out Fallon’s picks were all non-fiction, ranging from How I Cured Deadly Toe Fungus to an oddly illustrated book called A Day in the Life of Canada, a book didn’t appear to have a lot to do with Canada and a business book called Beat Your Way to the Top: Masturbation as a Technique for Business Success.

The real danger might be that, as many people in the book industry will tell you, any type of significant media attention will sell books. Though it’s possible that a book on success through masturbation might do well on its own.

You can see Fallon go through his picks below. If that taste gets you started, you can see Jimmy Fallon’s previous Do Not Read List segments here.

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