Crime Fiction: Murder for Beauty by Beatrice Fairbanks Cayzer

Murder for Beauty

A business venture is not a walk in the park, much more when numerous companies compete to get on top of the pyramid. Innovative ideas and concepts, strategic planning, effective marketing, and a great leader might give a company the upper hand. But how about a serial killer on the loose? That is what Murder for Beauty by Beatrice Cayzer is all about.

Fairbanks Cayzer comes from an illustrious family. Her two ancestors came to upper Virginia on the Mayflower in 1620 and helped found their community. She is an avid writer, and most of her novels were inspired by of her travels. In Oxfordshire, she wrote The Princes and the Princesses of Wales, and in Guernsey, she wrote The Royal World of Animals. Returning to the United States, she wrote nine Rick Harrow novels. In 2016, she had a sell-out with The Secret Diary of Mrs. John Quincy Adams and in 2018 had another sell-out with New Tales of Palm Beach.

In Murder for Beauty, the protagonist, sleuth Happy Arrow’s life is turned upside down as she is entangled with a serial killer who plans to take over the cosmetics and perfume industry by killing off top executives of rival companies. Happy might seem like an ordinary woman married to a British racehorse trainer, but she has a supernatural clairvoyant talent to find killers. ◊

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