Cookbook: Madeleines by Barbara Feldman Morse

I’m a sucker for a good cookie, and I’m always looking for new things to bake. Madeleines are my new passion, and Madeleines: Elegant French Tea Cakes to Bake and Share (Quirk Books) by Barbara Feldman Morse is the book I’ve been using in recent weeks, much to the delight and dismay of my waistline — and the waistlines of my friends and family. (Sorry, everyone!) 

In a word: Wow.

I’d always thought madeleines were hard to make. How could that lovely golden sponge, even unadorned, be such a snap? But you know what? They totally are. Barbara Feldman Morse makes it easy. Along with recipes, she tells you exactly what you need, her own little secrets, supplies and where to buy them, and the many different ways you can decorate your madeleines to make dinner guests swoon in anticipation.

The dozens of variations include classic madeleines, cream cheese madeleines, chai tea madeleines, madeleines au chocolat, banana pecan madeleines, blueberry cream madeleines, dark chocolate espresso madeleines, Kentucky Derby madeleines, gruyere and rosemary madeleines, and many, many more.

 Published just in time for all those holiday parties you have to bring something to, this little gem of a cookbook will keep you busy for quite some time, indulging in your little French cookie fantasies. And it’ll inspire more than a few New Year’s resolutions. ◊

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