Confide: The New Psychology of Confidence by Adam Bowcutt

Rebuilding self-love and confidence is the main objective behind Adam Bowcutt’s debut publication titled, Confide: The New Psychology of Confidence.

“There’s nothing more inspiring than hearing how others have overcome personal challenges,” says Olympic Gold Medalist British Sailing Team Hannah Mills. “Adam has openly and honestly shared his experience of depression and I know this book will help many others gain the practical skills to improve their own confidence and mental health.”

With suicide, depression and anxiety becoming a massive problem in today’s society, Bowcutt felt the need to write a book that would equip readers the knowledge and courage they will need as they go through debilitating experiences in life.

Confide offers step-by-step methods and practical advice to help build solid confidence. Gleaned from his personal experiences, Bowcutt reveals tried and tested methods on how to power up after experiencing depression. The book also contains a secret chapter that readers must do some work to find the code to access it and reap the rewards in the end. ◊

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  1. This is a much needed book. Depression and suicide is a massive problem and building confidence after depression is surely a solution.

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