According to the ASPCA, approximately 3.4 million cats enter animal shelters in the United States every year. All of them are hoping to find a forever home. One lucky stray who found a family will be celebrated on February 20, 2020, designated National Love Your Pet Day. The children’s book, Tribbs: The Very Handsome Cat (Writer’s Coffee Bar Press) will be released on that day.

Tribbs: The Very Handsome Cat is based on the true story of a black and white tuxedo kitten and his lookalike mom. They wound up on the streets after they were abandoned. Life on the streets was hard, but they were rescued by a foster family. Tribbs’ mom was soon adopted, but he was left behind. His journey from the foster home to a pet adoption event where he finally finds a loving home teaches him the true meaning of being handsome.

Tribbs: The Very Handsome Cat is the second book in the Stray Cat Stories children’s book series. It is a follow-up to Little White: The Feral Cat Who Found a Home.

Author DesPres and illustrator Petersen were childhood friends in upstate New York. They hadn’t seen each other in years before collaborating on the books. “Laurel perfectly captures the stories I want to tell with her heartwarming drawings,” says DesPres.

“Working on this second book with Faye, and [publisher] MaryChris has helped me grow and push myself as an artist,” says Petersen.

DesPres and Petersen hope that children will learn through the books what life is like for feral and stray cats and be inspired to help them. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the books is donated to animal rescue organizations and shelters around the country. ◊

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