This Just In: God’s Ponzi by Robert Buschel

Gregory Portent demands revenge.

Revenge is best served cold when the prey begs to be the target.

With his skills and charisma he lures them in easily, using an investment bank to launch a Ponzi scheme.

Gregory Portent has one advantage—artificial intelligence. At a critical point, he loses his way. A “black swan” event follows and the Ponzi scheme borders on the brink of collapse. It’s not about revenge anymore; it’s about survival. Greedy lawyers, the FBI, and international syndicates pursue him. Greg must go on the run. Everyone he cares about is now in danger. He must win. The strange thing? You’ll be rooting for him the whole time. Will he win big and get his vengeance? God’s Ponzi unlocks the secret behind the world’s most diabolical Ponzi scheme.

You can order God’s Ponzi here. Visit author Robert Buschel on the web here. ◊


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