The house where Bond wrote.

A New York state house where Ian Fleming wrote some of his James Bond novels is for sale for $2.95 million. Apparently Fleming wrote parts of Diamonds Are Forever (1956) and Goldfinger (1959) at Black Hole Hollow Farm. The 8500+ square foot house is on over 440 acres near the Vermont border.

At the time of Fleming’s visits, the house was owned by his friend and fellow former British intelligence officer, John Felix Charles Ivar Bryce and his wife Josephine Huntington Hartford. From Top Ten Real Estate Deals:

Well cared for, the home is spacious enough to get lost in, but the farm’s crowning glory – and likely where Fleming spent much of his time – is the spectacular greenhouse opening to a large, roofed garden room. Like being in a cultivated jungle, it has the sound of water in a koi pond and paths winding through the greenery. Fleming often stayed in guest quarters known as the Yellow Room where he would take long treks into the woods surrounding the estate. In an old guest register, Fleming once wrote, “Lived here like a king — an uninvited one — in fragrant and luxurious solitude.” There are also four dwellings: the lodge and cottage, each with three bedrooms; the two-bedroom Federal House; and the former milk house – now a one-bedroom home. Other amenities include a maple syrup-production facility, an outdoor swimming pool and three stocked ponds.

There are a dozen James Bond novels and the 25th film, No Time to Die, will come to North American screens in April. ◊

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