Biography: The Apricot Outlook of Katherine Koon Hung Wong by Dennis W.C. Wong

Dennis W.C. Wong

The Apricot Outlook of Katherine Koon Hung Wong is a hopeful look on an author’s journey of rediscovering his roots. Highlighting the author’s aspirations and efforts to reconnect with his Chinese genealogy, the title of Dennis W.C. Wong’s first book comes from the author’s mother Katherine’s Chinese middle name “Koon Hung,” which means outlook apricot. Upon hearing, recording, and sharing his mother’s stories, author Wong went on a trip to China to explore the roots of his family history. This book shares the stories from his mother’s elderly years with people who are eager to see a unique perspective of the past, inviting readers to see the world as his mother saw it then.

Born in Honolulu, Oahu, in the territory of Hawaii, Wong has a bachelor’s degree in business management – personnel and industrial relations — and an associate degree in retail marketing. He and his family moved to San Francisco, California, in 1958, a year before Hawaii officially became the 50th state.

In the process of reconnecting with his roots, Wong’s first book, praised for its diary-like narrative and realistic portrayal of an author’s journey, exposes positive Chinese culture and traditions engaged with a Western influence that is worthy of discourse. ◊

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