Art & Culture: Embolden Women by Rakshan Syed

No matter he societal and universal challenges that come with women’s rights, Rakshan Syed has taken the bold step to question the perception surrounding this concept. Embolden Women: Unapologetically Me is meant to be an element of breakthrough for women to break the barriers of society and move on the path to freedom heedless of the unnecessary shackles of societal pressures and dramas. Author Syed says that the book’s primary objective is to teach women that they have the power to stand up for their rights and live their lives on their own terms.

“Never underestimate your power to be you,” says Syed who believes that the slave mentality needs to be changed. The book focuses on how every woman must realize her true value, something Syed believes will cause a  positive change to spring up in society. “Women of every age need to live the realization that they should have control over their lives.”

Syed says that she was motivated to write Embolden Women after witnessing women being treated in an unfair manner, especially in her home country, India. She says that she mustered all her efforts and decided to share her knowledge. Dedicating her efforts to every woman, she aspires to become a voice for all women and encourage them to hold their heads high.

Syed is a lawyer, interior designer and IT Professional working in a senior position in a Fortune 100 company. ◊

You can buy the book here.

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