Poetry: From Dust to Stars by Avram Gratiela

Avram Gratiela chronicles a special love with From Dust to Stars: A Twin Flame Journey of Love. Gratiela wrote the collection after she met her soulmate, penning rhymes and verses that she feels can help people access the energy of one’s twin flame partner.

Conceived and executed during the pandemic, From Dust to Stars: A Twin Flame Journey of Love chronicles a true love story between two lovers separated by distance and tragic circumstance. With her poems Gratiela expresses the poignancy of their situation and explores the concept of twin flames and ultimate lovers whose bond and passion remain undiminished despite the separation. She shows that true love can conquer time and space while art remains immortal even in the most difficult of situations.

“The aim of this book is to open hearts,” says Gratiela. This is relevant for those who experienced the lockdown during the pandemic, who could not meet their partners in person, and had to communicate remotely. Aside from romantic partners, such separations were also experienced by innumerable families, friends and communities across the world, taking an immense psychological and emotional toll on many. Maintaining ties and bonds despite distance is a challenge that can strain the spirit but Gratiela’s rhymes and verses show readers that such obstacles can be surpassed by the heart.

Gratiela teaches French and Italian, she is also a translator. She began her career in writing in 2020 with her first poetry book called Poems of the Nile inspired by her love for Egypt. She is currently on a novel called The Temple of the Goddess. ◊

You can buy the book here.

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