It feels safe to say that Ken Follett’s Fall 2017 addition to his beloved Knightsbridge series was one of the most anticipated books of the year. Following on the success of 1989’s Pillars of the Earth and 2007’s World Without End, A Column of Fire (Viking) is epic in size and scope and brings the work back neatly into Follett territory. Here are the plots and and secret agents and spies missing from the other two books in the series.

A Column of Fire (Viking) is Follett at his absolute finest combining absolutely everything we ever loved about his writing into one stunning book. We’re dropped into Europe in the 16th century, at the time of Queen Elizabeth I as well as some of the most bloody religious wars of all history.

Follet’s keen eye for detail, his ability to tell a story and beautifully bring real history to life, his skill at characterization and mapping out a plot with many curves and a satisfying conclusion, all of these things are evident in this, the book that may well be the very best of a long and prolific career.

Over 150 million copies of Follett’s combined novels are in print. A Column of Fire won’t damage that reputation.

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