Authors on Snacks: Chrissy Gruninger

Does creativity have a taste? And, if it does, is it salty or sweet?

January Magazine’s “Authors on Snacks” is not meant to be a judgment. Rather it’s a personal peek at what some of our most beloved authors nibble on while pushing forward on their latest work.

This time out we talk with author and happiness coach, Chrissy Gruninger. Gruninger says that she hopes her latest book, Lost and Found in the Land of Mañana (Harmony), will help readers to “learn how to thrive within your own life, no matter where you are.”

What do you snack on while writing?
Homemade hummus with homemade green juice pulp crackers. The perfect blend of creamy and crunchy, healthy and hearty. I use a lot of lime* and garlic in hummus which gives it a good pop and the crackers… you may be thinking – green juice made into crackers? – but you’d be surprised at just how amazing they are. Even my dad liked them and that’s saying a lot.

*I use lime instead of lemon because, well, yellow lemons don’t exist in Costa Rica! (sadly, neither do Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups).

Do you consider your snacking to be mostly under control or mostly out of control?
I could eat the entire batch of crackers in a sitting, so instead I grab a handful, put them in a bowl with a few scoops of hummus and savor each and every one. Okay, and then sometimes I go back for seconds.

What is you latest book?
Lost and Found in the Land of Mañana: Wildhearted Living in an Imperfect World Harmony).

Tell us about the book:
Moving abroad, becoming an entrepreneur and living in a foreign language and culture… All at the same time. How could I not write a book about that?

Lost and Found in the Land of Mañana explores how my zen-in-paradise fantasy of moving to Costa Rica went seriously awry and shows that all the planning in the world can’t guarantee happiness.

From my tiny 400-square foot jungle casita in Costa Rica, I should have been loving life. But I soon learned that even in the land of “pura vida” life wasn’t perfect. When living the reality fell short of the dream, I realized it was up to me to find my way back to living a happy, healthy and harmonious life, even in a somewhat backwards, crazy and upside-down land.

Through my missteps and adventures, readers can see the new ways I found to celebrate my wild spirit without being reckless or sacrificing my sanity.

My hope? That readers will also learn how to thrive within their own life, no matter where they are. ◊


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