S.A. Cosby’s Blacktop Wasteland Will Be Film

Blacktop Wasteland

Anthony Award-winning S.A. Cosby’s high speed heist thriller Blacktop Wasteland will be given the big screen treatment by John Legend’s Get Lifted Production Company. Virgil Williams (Mudbound) will adapt the book for the screen. From Variety:

Blacktop [Wasteland] follows Beauregard “Bug” Montage, a hardworking family man in the American South, who happens to be a most skilled driver for people up to no good. As Bug tries to go legit, the pangs of the straight-and-narrow weigh on him — a rival auto business lures his customers away, his daughter eyes a fancy college, his wife eager to upgrade from their mobile home. When a slick-talking former associate comes along with a diamond heist, he has no choice but to take the job — until he finds himself double-crossed, betrayed and hunted.

Cosby’s work includes “Slant-Six,” selected as a distinguished story in Best American Mystery Stories for 2016, and “The Grass Beneath My Feet,” which won the Anthony award for best short story in 2019. Published in July by Flatiron Books, we’re predicting Blacktop Wasteland will be on everyone’s top books of the year lists in the near future. ◊


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