Non-Fiction: Never Left Behind by Paul Barthel

How far would you go to be reunited with your dog? Never Left Behind (Dog House) is the true story of Chicago Chef entrepreneur, Paul Barthel, who refused to be separated from his Labrador Retriever while going through a highly contentious divorce. It was a story that made headlines.Never Left Behind is a compelling memoir that submerges the reader inside the bowels of derelict kitchens, offering the vivid account of a man, a chef for over 30 years, who would leave his knives behind and summon the same determination he found on the line in those kitchens to be reunited with his best friend. Separated for three years, he mounted a campaign fighting for his dog’s return, and grassroots stewardship efforts for laws protecting those creatures for an array of travails. In 2017, Illinois would become one of the first states to pass a bill recognizing pets in further seeking the best interest of the animal in domestic cases.

Author Paul Barthel worked behind the scenes in kitchens for over 30 years. He is the founder of the animal’s rights organization, Voices for Pets. ◊

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