Non-Fiction: The Small Living Guide for Compact Houses by Annette Maria Williams

So you’ve moved into a small or even tiny house. Now what? It’s one thing — maybe an ideal thing — to live in a smaller space. It’s better for the environment and even maybe for our psyche. But what about all of our… stuff? What about the practical aspects of living with half or less of the space we are used to? That’s where The Small Living Guide for Compact Houses by Annette Maria Williams come in.

The book has two subtitles, and they describe the book completely. One is “Practical Strategies for Decluttering and Downsizing to Better Your Home and Life in 1000 Square Feet or Less”. And the other is “Minimalism for Micro Living”. Since the second is really saying what the first subtitle says, it’s an almost perfect example of Williams walking the walk. Sure you can use all of those words — or all of that furniture in all of that square footage. But isn’t everything so much better and more clear with less?

It’s all pretty much covered here: decluttering, downsizing, how to maximize available space and how to choose the best furniture for the space you have. How to decorate. What things to consider when buying a small home and what are the benefits of making the choice to go small. A good guide to a lifestyle choice an increasing number of people are making. ◊

You can order The Small Living Guide for Compact Houses here.

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