The Night Nurse

Registered massage therapist and jack of many trades Tony Berryman covers territory familiar to him in his debut novel, The Night Nurse. A lot of the ground we are covering here feels all too familiar at the moment.

Nurse Wendy cares far too much about her patients’ pain, and knows a hundred ways to move them beyond it. When the body count rises and suspicions mount, she moves west. Now she’s against the Pacific, and she’s tired of running.

Jackson’s obsession with patterns makes him a gifted massage therapist, but he’ll never let it send him back to the psych ward. When his elderly patients start dying before their time, he’s the only one to see the patterns behind it all.

His friends don’t believe him. The police have him flagged. As Jackson and Wendy spiral closer and neither can let the other go, Jackson must risk his career and his freedom to follow the patterns and stop the night nurse.

Tony Berryman says that he dreams in stories. “Occasionally I’m fast enough to write a few of them down,” says the author.

Berryman says he has worked as a taxi driver, museum guide, apple picker, snowplow driver and desk jockey. He spent 17 years as a Registered Massage Therapist, including 12 as a traveling therapist in Greater Vancouver.

Berryman has intended to write stories since middle school and is finally getting around to it with massage therapy thrillers. He was a finalist for the Young Canadian Writers Award in 1982. The Night Nurse is his first novel. ◊

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One thought on “Crime Fiction: The Night Nurse by Tony Berryman”

  1. I’m so excited to read this book! The excerpts on Tony’s website are fantastic. Book has been ordered …

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