Cathy Ace’s The Wrong Boy Will Be Miniseries

The Wrong Boy

Cathy Ace fans will be delighted to learn that the popular author’s latest novel, The Wrong Boy, has been optioned for television by UK indie Free@Last TV (Agatha Raisin).

C21 Media reports that, among new projects the company is embarking on is, “The Wrong Boy, a three-part thriller being adapted from Welsh author Cathy Ace’s novel of the same name. It focusses on a small Welsh hamlet disturbed by the discovery of human remains, and the many twists in the investigation that follows.”

“I am thrilled! Excited beyond words,” Ace said via Facebook. “Huge thanks to all those who have bought it (allowing it to become an Amazon #1 bestseller) and given great feedback… as well as to those special people who supported it even before it was published!”

The safe life in a small Welsh town is shaken up when human remains are discovered under a pile of stones. The local pub becomes the focal point for those interested in the grisly find, and where bits of the mystery around the remains begin to come together, bringing up revelations that are disturbing for local residents and that may well have deadly consequences. ◊

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