Author Accuses Husband of “Shakespearean Plot” to Kill Her

Sherrilyn Kenyon, internationally bestselling author of the Dark Hunter series, has accused her estranged husband of “Shakespearean plot” to poison her. From The Guardian:

Both Kenyon photos by Liza Hippler/Nashville.

Bestselling urban fantasy novelist Sherrilyn Kenyon has filed a lawsuit against her husband that accuses him of poisoning her for financial gain, as well as attempting to destroy her career and reputation, in what she described as a “Shakespearean plot against her”.

Kenyon, author of the chart-topping Dark-Hunter series, is suing Lawrence R Kenyon II, as well as two individuals employed by the Kenyons, for up to $20m (£15.5m).

The suit, filed in Williamson County in Tennessee, accuses Kenyon II, together with one of the two assistants, of “assault by poisoning”, as well as “intentional interference with business relationships [and] prospective contractual relations” and invasion of privacy. Kenyon also accuses both of the assistants of helping her husband to embarrass her in front of fans and isolating her from her friends and employees.

According to Kenyon’s web site, she has seen 80 of her works on the New York Times bestseller list and she has more than 70 million books in print worldwide.

And there’s more to this current story, too. You can find it here.

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