Art & Culture: Chakras for Beginners by Karen Nguyen

If you have ever done yoga, it is likely you have heard about your chakras and not totally understood what was being discussed. The reader can come to Karen Nguyen’s Chakras for Beginners with only the most basic understanding of chakras, what is meant by “aligning” them and what can be done for (let’s just call it) ultimate chakra health. Nguyen takes the guesswork away.

The subtitle of the book is: “A Complete Guide to Open, Balance, and Heal Your Chakras for Positive Energy” and the author delivers. As described: “Chakras are focal points of energy in the body, pulling together organs and organ systems.” She goes on to tell us exactly where and what they are and how they came to be regarded in the present terms, including the Chakra’s place is historic thinking and various religions. Most importantly, she describes the role of each chakra and how each can be centered, through diet, gemstones, poses and everything else that can impact them.

I came away from Chakras for Beginners with a much better understanding of the roll the various chakras can have in my life and ways in which I can optimize them. A deeply interesting and very concise book. ◊

You can buy the book here.



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