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True Detective Season Two: Can Pizzolatto Do It Again?

As we move toward the debut of season two of True Detective, everyone is asking the same question: can Nic Pizzolatto do it again?

CBC Cuts Evan Solomon and January Remembers

Evan Solomon is big news in Canada this week. As a result, a whole lot of news outlets are quoting us.

Ellen to Produce Naomi Novik Novel

Ellen DeGeneres is known for many things, but her foray into feature filmmaking is quite new. Still the comedienne and television host is known for successful entertainment undertakings and there’s no reason to think her latest project won’t be a winner.

Jacqueline Woodson Named Young People’s Poet Laureate
The Poetry Foundation names a Young People’s Poet Laureate every two years. In 2015, the $25,000 laureate title has been awarded to Jacqueline Woodson.

In Literature, Do Women Have Cooties?
Novelist Nicola Griffith (Slow River, Ammonite, The Blue Place) analyzed the last 15 years’ results from a bunch of the heavy hitting award programs: Pulitzer Prize, Man Booker Prize, National Book Award, National Book Critics’ Circle Award, Hugo Award and Newbery Medal. With data in hand, she reached some startling conclusions.

Authors at Work: Anne Tyler Doesn’t Need Inspiration
Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Anne Tyler (Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant, The Accidental Tourist, Breathing Lessons), recently told The Huffington Post UK that she quite often writes “completely without inspiration.”

Best Books of 2013
We’ve checked the stacks and come up with an incredible list of the best books of 2013. Our biggest end of year list ever!

Passages: Those We Loved & Lost in 2013
Our saddest article of the year. Spending time thinking about the literary lights that went out during 2013.

Vancouver and Montreal Named Best Libraries
Where are the best libraries in the world? According to a new German study, the two top libraries in the world are in Canadian cities.

Authors: “Surveillance of Personal Data is Theft”
Over 500 authors have made “a stand for democracy in the digital age” by signing a petition “to launch an appeal in defense of civil liberties against surveillance by corporations and governments.”

Reading to the End of Time
What were you reading while the world ended? Here’s our lists.

Alice Munro and her Editing Team
Known for her spare and powerful prose, it’s a little difficult to imagine anyone editing Alice Munro at all.

The Fifty Shades Baby Bump
It’s a little distressing to discover that the phenomenal success of the erotica series Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James will have a lasting (if unexpected) impact on the culture.

Writing Out the Storm
Writers whose lives were upended by Hurricane Sandy yet wrote through it.

Notes from a Bestseller: Robert J. Sawyer Offers Advice to New Authors
When a beginning writer experienced the wound of rejection, bestselling author Robert J. Sawyer had some words of advice.

His Own Sweet Time: Joseph Mitchell’s Omnibus 20 Years On
A two-part feature looking back at the career of Joseph Mitchell, a renowned staff writer for The New Yorker, two decades after the release of his last collection of essays.

Fiction to Mark the Anniversary
Ten years later, media outlets and publishers are remembering the day in different ways. It’s not an easy thing to do.

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