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Author Links

The Author Links section gives authors an easy and inexpensive way to establish a permanent link to their personal Web site to help get that site in front of readers and search engines.

Authors: Promote Your Website

Author Links

An inexpensive and permanent way of increasing your visibility on the Web while enhancing your profile with major search engines.

The January Magazine Author Links section appears in the right-hand column of the magazine’s main page and in other places on January.

A one-time fee of $35 will add your listing to the January Magazine Author Links section. This is not an annual fee: once you’ve been added your listing will never be dropped.

Prior to being added, each link is checked by hand. We reserve the right to refuse links for any reason. Should your link be refused, payment will be refunded in full.

New listings will be added within seven days of receipt of payment.

It is the responsibility of the author or their representative to ensure that the link stays valid. If at any time we discover that the link is broken or that the material we approved has been replaced with unsuitable or misleading material, January’s link to the site will be removed without refund.

To participate, simply input the author’s name as well as the URL of the web site or blog as you’d like it to appear on January. Then click on the “add to cart” icon to start the secure payment process. Your link will appear on January’s main page within seven days and will continue to be listed permanently.

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