World Happiness Week 2022

There have probably been few times in history where a week dedicated to world happiness might be more welcome.

Over six days in March, more than 160 speakers will talk to thousands of people in person, and potentially millions online, about how to get more happiness in their lives.

World Happiness Fest 2022  runs from March 17th until the 22nd. It’s all about the exploration of solutions, tools, mindsets, best practices, insights, and experiences that help us bridge the gap between separation, connection and reconnection.

The year 2021 was challenging in many ways. A health crisis swept the world, disrupting practically everyone’s daily life. Racial injustices, intolerance, and inequalities on almost every level, climate change, economic crises, and more only added to the problem. Everywhere in the world, 2021 shook us all to the core.

And now, it’s time to focus our energy on recovery. World Happiness Week is a global event with activations in over 80 cities worldwide. Due to COVID-19, all of these events have now successfully transitioned to digital platforms.

World Happiness Week is a global initiative that takes place every year. This online event is organized by the World Happiness Foundation, an organization dedicated to supporting government and business leaders in implementing new policies for creating happiness and well-being for all.

The Foundation works in partnership with the United Nations University for Peace. World Happiness Week is one of the most diverse polycentric forums. In 2021, it reached over 10 million people in over 72 countries.

The Week will consist of various events that happened digitally and in-person (where they’re allowed due to COVID-19 restrictions). Leading experts in happiness and well-being will discuss education, technology, science, business, policy, art, music, and more. In partnership with the United Nations University for Peace, the International Positive Education Network, Tecmilenio, IIT KGP, Transtech, and more than 300 institutions, World Happiness Week focuses on the future — realizing a world with freedom, happiness, and consciousness for all.

You can find more information here. ◊

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