Though a phalanx of dissatisfied (and maybe overly entitled?) Game of Thrones fans have been shouting for a brand new, reimagined final season, the series ended Sunday night: not with a bang but a whimper. And maybe also sort of a bang. From Deadline Hollywood :

After 73 episodes, two slain dragons, three Outstanding Drama Series Emmys, one Peabody, the demise of the Night King and most of Kings’ Landing and the destruction of more monarchies than the real life armistice of World War I, Game of Thrones ended tonight.

There are spoiler alerts all over the Deadline Hollywood coverage but, what the hell? Winter has already arrived.

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One thought on “Winter Arrived … on the Wing of a Dragon”

  1. The ending I hoped for and guessed could happen did happen. Can’t please everyone, especially with a long, complex story and a variety of complex and simple characters. Bravo to the directors who dealt with a complex plot line and multiple characters through an epic.

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