This Just In: Thoughts? How We Deal with the Obstacles in Our Lives by Mel M. Andre


Everyone faces obstacles in their lives. Some of them are small while others can be very challenging. In Thoughts? How We Deal with the Obstacles in Our Lives Mel M. Andre and her fellow authors explore the challenges that people go through by sharing their own personal stories. In this anthology, they share how they have overcome obstacles and problems in their lives, allowing you into their lives to show you what they have overcome. The book is intended to illustrate that people should not give up when faced with challenges. Thoughts is also a self help and personal development book aimed at giving the reader hope and motivation.

The authors are people who have written stories based on their own experiences and journeys. They show the readers how they deal with problems like fear, abuse, toxic relationships and addiction. All of the stories told in this anthology book are real experiences. By sharing their experiences, they hope to provide people with the idea that things can get better and that people have the ability to overcome obstacles.

Contributing authors include Leisha Olesch, Cynthia “Salonista” Kosciuczyk, Sarah Smith, Matt Turner, Jillian Christy, Cedreka Louise Baggett, Dominic Cruz, Ren The Zen, Anna Rendon-Morris, Mary Hamer, Jennifer Meim, Sylvia Chavez, Sohaila Zyba, and Marie Killick.

You can order Thoughts? How We Deal with the Obstacles in Our Lives here. Visit Mel M. Andre on the web here. ◊


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