This Just In… Cold River: A Survivor’s Story by Jozef Imrich

Cold River: A Survivor’s Story is about man’s desire for freedom during a time when none existed.

Author Imrich describes the village in which he grew up with such emotion and sadness that the reader can hear the snow crunching beneath his expectant mother’s feet as she makes her way through the snow drifts. This story is fact, not fiction. When you are finished you will know what it is like to taste freedom for the first time. And perhaps feel the pain of its cost.

“Aches to read this. I have grown up on versions of this story — they have molded who I am today. You bring much of it back — and with great skill and power. May this story reach many, many.” — The Smoking Poet

“Jozef Imrich has written the War and Peace of escapes. Havel tackled free will, Tolstoy the meaning of life, Imrich practiced what they preached… Citizen journalist’s job is like a baker’s work — his rolls are tasty as long as they’re fresh; after two days they’re stale; after a week, they’re covered with mould and fit only to be thrown out.”

You can read more about Cold River: A Survivor’s Story by Jozef Imrich here and here. The book can be ordered here. ◊

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