The Best Dog Tales of the Year

Best Dog Stories
Photo by Alvan Nee/Unsplash.

Do you ever feel like your writing career is going to the dogs? Would you like it to? A Maryland bookstore and book publisher is looking for new, original short stories devoted to the theme of communication between dogs and humans.

The Greyhound indie bookstore on the Eastern Shore of Maryland are joining forces with Secant Publishing to select and publish the year’s best short stories devoted to the theme of communication between dogs and humans.

The subject is especially timely coming after a year of worldwide pandemic in which so many people have been confined to their homes and pets have been more psychologically important than ever to millions.

It’s estimated that more than one-third of all American households own dogs, with research showing how important they are as dependable sources of companionship, psychological support, and physical exercise for their owners – even in the best and healthiest of times.

Susan and Maury Wimbrow, the owners of The Greyhound bookstore in Berlin, Maryland, are not only independent booksellers but also adopters of rescue greyhounds. A book-length anthology of up to 30 entries drawn from contest submissions will be published by Secant Publishing of Salisbury in time for the 2021 holiday season. A book launch party will be held at The Greyhound.

One gold medal winner will be awarded a cash prize of $500; two silver medal finalists will receive $250 each.

Rules and more details are here.

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