Steve Jobs  Trailer Out Now

With the October 9th opening of Steve Jobs getting ever closer, the Hollywood wind ’er up machine is getting busier. First there was a teaser, but now we have a full on trailer, two-and-a-half minutes long. From Vanity Fair online:

But now we have a better look at how [star Michael] Fassbender will appear throughout the film, which spans the entire Jobs legacy, from the long, floppy brown hair associated with that famous garage in Los Altos, California, to the close-cropped cut of his later days. The new trailer also gives us a sense that this movie, written by Aaron Sorkin, will very much take the Social Network approach to Silicon Valley. In other words, “These guys are geniuses, but, man, are they jerks.”

Aaron Sorkin, who also wrote the Academy Award-winning script for The Social Network, adapted the material from Walter Isaacson’s 2011 book.

The Vanity Fair piece is here. January Magazine wrote about Jobs’ passing back in 2010 here.

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