SF/F: Path of the Ghost Warrior by Karl R. Krueger

The Gates of Avalon

The Gates of Avalon: Path of the Ghost Warrior  by Karl R. Krueger creates a world disappearing thousands of centuries before our time. “The old ones” have left behind five great artifacts. These artifacts act as seemingly harmless gates until the mighty warriors of Asgaard fall in a night, as the gates unleash blood and flames.

The empire knows that the darkness has swallowed them and they do not stand a chance against this new enemy, however the crippled old man, Theodore Schmidt might.

The Gates of Avalon offers a unique mix of fantasy, adventure, and history. Author Karl L. Kruger grew up on a farm in Wisconsin. Upon graduating from the University of Wisconsin, he worked in Agri-Business and eventually became a Deputy Sheriff. His long career in law enforcement included training in accident reconstruction and a lengthy stint in Tactical Response Team Explosive Ordinance Disposal. After retiring from police work, Kruger began to manufacture historical gaming figures. He has also written rule sets for historical gaming. The author still lives in rural Wisconsin, with his wife, a grandson and a few dozen chickens. ◊

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