SF/F: Earthlight by Bevan Knight

The second book in Bevan Knight’s “Seeds of Time” trilogy, Earthlight, follows a family struggling with the difficulties of the 21st century. The difficulties are compounded when they encounter the extraterrestrial Croans.

Knight depicts the harsh realities of what may await humanity in the near future, specifically near the end of the 21st century, including difficult conditions people must endure, the trials and tribulations unfolding in their lives, something that is compounded by the arrival of a deadly comet.

Amidst the chaos, a family tries to survive. Meanwhile, the Croans continue their scientific expedition. The human family is juxtaposed with the alien explorers Euse and Ess as well as the entire crew of their vessel exploring different planets. They too are a close knit group navigating various challenges.

Earthlight unfolds in the near future, and Knight immerses his readers in a cast of characters whose lives are entangled in romantic situations, magical occurrences, space travel and extraterrestrial visits, as well as lots of drama. With his work, Knight explores how humanity might be viewed by another civilization with a different perspective, observing how humans handle their affairs and the effects their activities have on their surroundings. The aliens’ perspective serves as a mirror that highlights universal human traits and attributes, reflecting on how people as individuals and as a society function and react to changing circumstances as well as immense challenges.

The author has worked as a librarian, book reviewer, IT systems administrator and has partaken in long distance running. He and his wife Naomi live in Wellington, New Zealand.  ◊

You can buy the book here.

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