Poetry: Purple Dawn by Edward V. Bonner

The titles of Edward V. Bonner’s poetry suggest many ways in which these poems express his personal experiences and connect his thoughts to the universal search for true meanings of many of our realities.

In Purple Dawn (Adelaide) most of the poems examine the themes of beauty and risk, pleasure and danger, in the context of one of three kinds of relationships: to romantic partners, to the spiritual world, and to the world of nature. But while these concerns are shared by much of humanity, Bonner’s poems sound consistently personal.

Edward Bonner grew up in a rough area of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania in a small mill town called Hazelwood. An avid outdoorsman, he holds degrees in business and aeronautics, an A&P license, and a sixth degree black belt in Shotokan karate. He is the author of poetry collections One Kiss – Just One Kiss and Through the Eyes of a Lost Boy. A regular contributor to Adelaide Literary Magazine, he was the finalist of the Adelaide Voices Literary Contest 2018. ◊


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  1. Purple Dawn is a great read. Ed Bonner has a magical way of making you feel so many emotions at once. His life experiences are woven together with a spiritual connection to love, life and nature. His words and images cut right to the core and will have you laughing, crying and in some cases, shaking your head in amazement. You’ll find yourself asking “where does this stuff come from?!!” He is a gifted poet and this book is definitely worth reading!!

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