Cookbooks: The Only Plant Based Diet For Beginners Cookbook You Will Ever Need by Paul Green

Plant-Based Diet

The more time passes, the more we as a society come to the understanding that a diet that is largely plant-based is the most healthy way to eat. In Paul Green’s vegan cookbook, The Only Plant Based Diet For Beginners Cookbook You Will Ever Need, the author explains the reason for the shift towards plant-based eating succinctly:

Scientists and doctors believe that minimizing the intake of these unhealthy foods and inPlant-Based Dietcreasing the intake of plant-based items rich with antioxidants, phytonutrients, micro and macronutrients lowers the risks of cancer development, prevents diabetes and heart strokes while keeping a well- maintained body weight.

And while it’s one thing to know this, it’s something else entirely to begin eating in this way. Green’s book is a terrific start. Green breaks the available material into five “plant-based food groups”. Those are fruits, vegetables, tubers, whole grains and legumes, with seeds and nuts being useful add-ons.

Green points out not only the benefits of a plant-based diet to the planet and your health, he also underlines how to make the transition. In one word: gradually, but he offers a whole lot of information that is useful.

A 30-day meal plan can help those new to plant-based eating get a handle on what a diet might look like. (In a word: varied and interesting!) And a grocery list is also included but to my mind, the real star here is the rich section of recipes. In fact, 650 recipes are included in the book. They are clear, concise and flavor-filled. As the title suggests, though there are many wonderful vegan cookbooks out there, if you had to choose only one, you wouldn’t go wrong with this one. ◊

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